Job Opportunities

-  We have vacancies for LGV1 drivers.

-  We currently employ over 60 LGV1 drivers.

-  We have vacancies for LGV1 drivers.

-  All are supplied with a smart yet comfortable working uniform.

-  We employ people on a shift basis. There are 2 shifts, which consist of day work and night work.

-  Day shift commences at 6am, finish at 6pm, night shift commences at 6pm and finishes at 6am.

-  Employees aren't required to rotate shifts, but we are flexible to suit their needs if they wish to change.

-  Both shifts are paid on a separate salary basis.

-  Possibility of housing available if relocating.

If you are interested in the above and want to know more about us, please fill in our application form, and we will contact you shortly. 

If you wish to speak with somebody about a job who can speak Bulgarian and Russian, please contact +44(0)7413 443744.


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